A Very Intelligent Cat Breed

The Bombay Cat is a beautiful breed that originated centuries ago in the Indian sub-continent. It is now considered one of the most popular cats in the world with some having around twelve million individuals who currently own the lovely feline. There are four distinctive subspecies in the Bombay Cats, being Indico, Baluch, cylinder and Uti. Each has slightly different physical characteristics and behavior.

The smallest of the four subspecies is the Baluch. At only a shade over two feet long, the Baluch is the shortest of all the known Bombay cats. It has a broad chest, large head, broad shoulders and tail and is often referred to as the ‘elephant tail’ due to its shape. The coloration in the coat of this particular breed is predominantly gray, with traces of white and brown. The average size of the Bombay cat is between eight to fifteen pounds and around thirteen to twenty-one inches in length.

The cylinder is the second largest subspecies of the Bombay cats, standing at nearly fifteen inches in height and weighing in at less than five pounds. The head of this medium-sized cat is large, with a broad forehead and ears that protrude forward slightly. The other distinguishing characteristics of this breed is its extremely small eyes – set deep in the skull. Other notable physical features of the cylinder breed include medium-sized paws that are rounded at the front and rounded at the back.

The fourth subspecies, the cylinder, looks very much like its sister the uti, with the only difference being the coloration. Although both breeds have somewhat similar appearances, they actually have very different bodies. The Bombay cats are heavier than their counterparts, standing at least one and a half times their body weight. Their backs are also significantly slimmer than the other subspecies. In addition, they possess a much longer tail and have somewhat pointed ears.

Each of the four distinct types of Bombay cats has a distinctive appearance. The slender and elongated eyes of the short-haired variety can often appear almond shaped or like almond eyes. The long haired variety has almond shaped eyes as well, though the color can vary from deep blue to dark brown or black. Likewise, the short haired Bombay cats possess almond shaped eyes but their hair is long and flowing rather than being fine and thin.

Each subspecies of the Bombay cat breed possesses unique physical attributes. Even within a single breed, some cats may possess distinct features. It would be best to get an assessment of your kitty’s genetic makeup before attempting to determine the distinctive features of each subspecies. Otherwise, you could end up with a highly intelligent cat breed, but one with the wrong physical description.

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