BCR Is Unique Zoos and Museums Program

There are many misconceptions about big cat rescues. Some people think that these animals are vicious, wild animals that hunt small animals for food. The truth is that they are wonderful additions to any household, but unfortunately many people also think that they are dangerous, untrained and often unloved. Big Cat Rescue is a special program run by volunteers dedicated to providing a loving, nurturing environment for these beautiful animals.

The mission of Big Cat Rescue is to rescue neglected, abandoned and mistreated big cats and other exotic animals. These pets are not only victims of big cat abuse but are also victims of big cat abuse because of the illegal trade of exotic animals. BCR is one of the few organizations that focus on exotic animals and offer rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, education and promotion for all exotic animals. In turn, they help reduce the suffering of these poor animals while teaching American families about big cat conservation and the importance of keeping exotic pets.

One misconception about big cats is that they are dangerous and can cause serious harm to humans, especially children. This could not be further from the truth. While it is true that these animals can attack and injure people, they are actually quite timid animals and would not normally pose a threat to anyone. Exotic cats that come from captivity are not in their natural habitat, so it is safe to assume that most of them have mellow personalities and are unlikely to bite or attack other people.

Many people who do not understand or are simply unaware of exotic cat care may assume that BCR is only interested in purchasing and breeding exotic cats. However, in all truth, Big Cat Rescue rehabilitates all types of big cats including tigers, ocelots, jaguars, servals, megas, retrievers and others. They also offer medical treatments for cats that are sick or suffering from illnesses such as feline AIDS and lymphoma. They also provide vaccinations and heartworm treatments for cats and are solely dedicated to rescuing and rehoming sick and injured big cats.

For over twenty years, BCR has been working closely with zoos, museums, owners, breeders and veterinarians to create a strong partnership that allows for long term care and success of these unique animals. Through BCR, many cats that would have been lost have been saved from lives of abandonment, neglect, starvation and death. There are countless stories of abused big cats that were abandoned by owners who failed to realize that the animals’ needs could have been met by BCR. Many people who rescue exotic cats do so for the love of cats, but are forced to make the tough choice of leaving their pets in cramped cages and shelters or put them in cramped kennels. By working closely with zoos and museums, BCR helps ensure that these pets have an excellent chance at a good life.

The goal of BCR is to save as many big cats as possible from abusive circumstances. Many of the animals that are rescued are returned to the wild, where they will be able to find homes and live out their natural lives. With the help of volunteers, BCR works to educate people about the exotic cats that are suffering and being abused, giving them the resources to act on the importance of rescuing them.

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