Black and White Cat Breeds

Black and white cats are very popular around the UK, although there are some other breeds which come across as more attractive. These include Siamese cats, British Shorthorses, Fox Terriers and the Bobtail. Some people are under the impression that cats in black and white colour schemes belong to a different breed entirely. This is not true and a black and white cat can be just as cuddly and loving as any other cat of its kind. It just has that slightly unusual tint to its coat.

One of the most common myths surrounding black and white cats is that they have a particular gene that makes them prone to catching on fire. This is simply not true and there is no evidence to support this either. In fact, many people believe that the colour is related to the number of times that the cat brush has been brushed. However, the fur pattern on the body of these animals is actually a highly complex pattern and there is no need to brush it very much. Therefore, this mythological explanation is completely false.

Another common myth surrounds the loudest purr. If a black and white cat is allowed to go outdoors and perform its usual duties, it will make a surprisingly loud purr. This is very unbecoming for a cat, which spends most of its time inside. The noise is often caused by the ultrasonic waves emitted by the cat’s vocal cords. The highest quality kitty litter can reduce the effect of these sounds to a level which is suitable for normal home use.

There is also some confusion about the number of patterns present in these animals. Siamese cats are often thought to be the only ones to have solid black and white markings. The truth is that Siamese cats do have striped coats, but they are very different from the wilds seen in Britain. Burmese and Persian cats also often confuse black and white markings in that they too, although much lighter in color than their Siamese cousins, have stripes down both sides of their coats. In fact, the Burmese and Persian cats’ stripes are so distinct that they may well be classified as purebreds and show the distinctive black and white markings. In any case, though, most Burmese and Persian cats will not have any black or white markings at all.

The least likely of all the “black and white cat breeds” to have solid color markings is the wildcat. Theoretically, any cat with at least two solid colors is eligible for this designation, but due to their unusual appearance (large ears, tiny head, large body size) and shortish tail it has never been very popular. However, if you have a black and white cat and want to show it, you should be sure to have it altered by a qualified breeder who specializes in these animals. Otherwise you may find yourself in a similar position as the Burmese and the Persian.

In terms of the most common colored tail combination, the black and white cat of Bornean origin has two occurrences, the Brachy and the Apso. The Brachy is actually a type of mixed breed, as its parents are of the same breed. Breeding two such cats together could produce some interesting results, especially since they occur in such close proximity to each other. The Apso, or Pearl, is a pure breed that is completely white. It was introduced into Borneo from Burma about thirty years ago and is said to have many beneficial qualities for the cat. Some suggest that its presence in Borneo is the cause of the current surge in its popularity.

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