Black Cat superstitions and beliefs

A black cat is basically a domesticated cat with black hair, which can be a pure or characteristic breed, or just a regular domestic cat of no special breed. The American Cat Association recognizes 22 different cat breeds, which can all come with black coats. The British Blue Lady is the only cat breed which is recognized by the American Cat Association as being a true Blue. The Persian Cat is also black in color.

While it’s true that black cats have coarseness from their ancestors, there are also many attractive and lovable black cats now around which the purebred Persian may not be able to take. There are solid black Persian cats and tortoiseshell cats. There are solid black Maine Coon cats and solid black Tanagers. Mixed breeds are there as well as British Blue, Abyssinian, Burmese and the American Bobtail. But probably the most common feline in this group is the black cat.

Black cats have always been associated with magic and bad luck. This has both roots in reality and in superstitions. In reality, black cats bring good luck and protection from evil spirits.

In superstitions, black cats are said to bring good fortune and protection through the winter when a time of mourning is expected. And of course, during Christmas, kittens born out of the feline family are believed to be blessed. They are thought to have the presence of the spirits of the gods. As for the color black, most feline fans agree that black cats are representative of good in nature and thus emblematic of God’s love for all creatures. Some say that this is why the color black is associated with Christianity.

Black cats have also long been associated with evil and wickedness. According to some traditional myths, black cats are said to be the spawn of evil spirits. Some even believe that these evil feline spirits can take over a person’s mind, and they become evil and malevolent. However, this is not the only view on the evil nature of black cats. In fact, these feline creatures are considered heroes in many countries.

Cats are widely accepted not only as loyal companions to humans, but also as symbols of good luck. Many people use black cats as their house cats, as it symbolizes good luck. They keep their black cat close to them at all times. For this reason, these animals are truly priceless and are treated as VIPs by the elite and famous.

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