Black Cat Superstitions – How to Deal With Black Cat Horrors

A black cat is usually a domestic cat with black hair that could be a solid or specific breed, a very common domestic cat or just a normal domestic cat of no special breed. The Cat Fanciers’ Association classifies 22 different cat breeds, which can have black fur. The most common black breed is the Persian. It is said that these cats were first domesticated in Iran but it is not certain. The Cat Fanciers’ Association classifies several other breeds.

Some people believe there is a genetic mutation in cats that makes black cats more likely to have cancer and cardiovascular diseases. These speculations came about after someone supposedly got a hold of a DNA sample from an Egyptian Mummy. However, there is no basis for this claim. There are even those who believe that a feline leukemia genetic mutation is real. No matter what you think, black cats are as sturdy as any other breed of feline.

There was a point when black cats were almost extinct in the United States. Tabby, a breed of black cat originally from Southeast Asia, was brought to the United States by the Russian fur trader Yerba Mateo. According to legend, he kept the tabby in his house and it gradually took on the black color that we know today.

Black panthers were first brought to North America about fifty years ago and they quickly became popular. Then in the 1980’s the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) saw a rise in the number of black panthers. They banned the importation of black panthers from Asia and Canada and began catching wild black panthers living in parks. Unfortunately, as many black panthers were being caught, they also lost their natural habitat in the south.

Black cats have long been seen as evil. They were often burned at the stake or sent as laborers to work on witch burnings in the old days. Black cats are also thought to be responsible for many deaths in the family because of their jealous tendencies. However, these superstitions have not been proven. While there have been several reported cases of black cat behavior problems, black cats are no more likely to murder household members than other breeds.

There are many superstitions that are hard to get away from, but all of them have their basis in fact. Even though many people do believe that black cats are inherently evil, they are simply just as likely to have bad luck. It is up to you to determine whether your superstitions are based in fact or fiction and if they are true. If you are dealing with black cats, be it for good or bad luck, you should look into how to deal with their superstitions.

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