photo of gray and white tabby kitten sitting on sofa

Kittens For Adoption

Whether from a foster family or directly from the shelter, kittens for adoption can be an exciting developmental milestone for a new couple, or a great way to welcome a new kitten into your life. However, kittens for adoption should not be rushed into. Adopting an older cat gives you [...]

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A Very Intelligent Cat Breed

The Bombay Cat is a beautiful breed that originated centuries ago in the Indian sub-continent. It is now considered one of the most popular cats in the world with some having around twelve million individuals who currently own the lovely feline. There are four distinctive subspecies in the Bombay Cats, [...]

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History of the Dallas Cat

The distinctive long thick fur of a Pallas cat typically is grayish or light brown in color with occasional white markings. Larger darker ears make this breed unique and easy to spot in dimly lit areas. Coats are long and flowing and can come in a variety of colors from [...]

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Civet Cats

Civet cats are indigenous to Central and South America. Any of different cat-like mammals of this small family Viverridae of South and Central America, having prominent anus scent glands which secrete an unpleasant fluid containing a strong, musky scent. Also known as civet cat. These animals have been domesticated and [...]

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