What Causes Cat Toes

What is a cat paw injury? It is when a cat gets injured on their paw. This usually happens as a result of some type of trauma that has caused them pain for whatever reason. Cats get hurt pretty bad all the time, but their paw injury is usually the [...]

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Why Are These Orange Cats So Popular?

Perhaps you’ve seen this friendly little orange cat scratching up your furniture or scampering up the stairs in your home. But don’t worry it’s not your fault. These adorable mischievous cats are a result of genetic engineering. It was the scientists who created this unique orange-colored feline that people all [...]

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The Simple Nose Tickle

Why do cats sneeze? Well, maybe it’s just a really good time for them to do so! Ask your friends, and you’ll likely hear them echo the same answer – because it’s totally natural, right? Wrong. The fact is, cats sneeze (and snore) for many different reasons. A simple nose [...]

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Types of Cat Breeds

According to record, encyclopedia Britannica lists only fifteen common types of cats worldwide. Further, the official cat classification by the international feline association classifies about seventy-two types of domestic cats worldwide. This is the world’s highest record of domestic cat types. Numerous other government and non-governmental organizations to conduct extensive [...]

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Manx Cat Breeders

The Manx cat / m / ks/ is an exotic breed of domestic cat (Felis catus), originally born on the Isle of Man. Originally the ‘tailless’ variety was developed to be a companion cat for seamen, since the breed was able to swim and dive for long distances. In recent [...]

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