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Do Cats Have Nine Lives?

Nine Lives is a popular children’s book written by Agnes Deretz. In the story, a cat named Nine Lives jumps from window to window in an attempt to escape from her owners. As she jumps, she creates a trail of broken glass in the process and when the glass shatters, nine lives are affected. Although most people know that cats can survive without a human’s help, many people still believe that they have nine lives even if they break their own.

Nine Lives came from a story told by the Egyptianologist Ptolemy. His tale told how a cat named Nine Lives saved the life of Cleopatra, who was being hunted by the emperor. The story goes on to say that nine lives can be accounted for when the emperor saw that all his five thousand cats were missing. When he realized that nine lives were still existent, he put an end to hunting and ordered his huntsman to put nine cats to death. Although this story sounds like a fairy tale, it does have basis in truth as there were indeed wild cats that were able to live long lives after being put to death.

Although the nine lives myth may have been started by Ptolemy, it has spread into other areas of old English literature such as “The Story of the Treasure Seekers.” The French also had their share of the nine lives concept. This is where a cat called Nine Lives was believed to be able to take over the world. In one version of the myth, nine lives was taken over by a white cat and left to wander about among people until the people gave her a house, a name, and a job. After nine lives was given a second life and was able to marry a man, the legend became that nine lives actually lived nine separate lives in an instant.

While most people believe that the nine lives myth began with the English people, there is no proof to back this up. One of the most popular pieces of evidence to support this is the fact that the mausoleum which is supposed to contain the original burial place for King Arthur is a building site for a building that has stood there since the Middle Ages. The mausoleum was built around a centuries old popular story of King Arthur. Another piece of evidence comes from the fact that the last known cat alive was a tabby who lived in the neighborhood of the building.

Today, some people still believe that cats have nine lives. Others say that there are only six lives in a cat. Even still others say a cat can only survive for six hours. Most of those who believe in the original myth of King Arthur’s cats claim that these are the only two ways a cat could possibly exist.

When was the last time you heard a joke? Almost every single person in the world thinks that cats have lives of nine lives or more. Most people will tell you that this is a true story. The truth is that cats have lives of only six lives. However, the question you need to ask is “how many lives does a cat have?”

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