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For those unfamiliar with them, Warrior Cats is long coated, silver haired cats that are often times seen as the fighters of the pack. The word “warrior” comes from the Chinese meaning” Brave Battle”. In catsuits and with their long coats the cats have evolved to be fierce protectors of their territory and their family. These cats are known for their intelligence, adaptability and loyalty.

Over the past few decades, the term warrior cats has become associated with several different feline breeds. There is the traditional male cat that is somewhat muscled and stocky, with a thick coat that is often times blue or gold and with a large presence. The most popular strain is the Chinese. Jayfeather was the first of this breed that was used for professional fighting. They are also associated with the Oregonian, Russian, Hawaii and British Columbia herding cats.

This group of feline warriors gained popularity in the late nineteen eighties through the work of Canadian photographer John Lindberg. He began photographing cats in their natural habitat with a goal of raising awareness for animal abuse and to support the hunting and conservation efforts of Canada’s Inuit communities. The collection of these animals was published as two book volumes and was made into a motion picture with the same name. These films featured characters such as the Alaskan King, Bornean Bear, Bearcat and the Arctic Fox. The warrior cats of today are a new generation of these beloved cats that have gone on to feature in numerous comic books, a feature film, animated television series, video games and many other formats.

The starclan character is the progeny of the traditional British king and queen, who are known collectively as the royal family. One of the cats in this royal family is Zhi Nu, who is depicted as an elegant white female with long dark hair. The other member of the royal family is Shi Yin, who is represented by an imposing black cat. The cat’s family lives in a palace called the StarClanestead. A popular children’s book based on this subject was written by Paulagraph, which is still currently being written as a movie.

The StarClan Cats Hub was established in 2021, becoming an online community dedicated to the promotion of the official Cat Family merchandise, which includes the StarClan Cats t-shirts, the StarClan Cats coffee mugs and other merchandise sold by Hasbro. Over time the site has seen a number of different members become involved in the fan art and photography community. There are several different ways to participate in the hub, including posting comments on pictures of cats, sharing links to favorite websites and blogs and chatting in a wide variety of chat rooms. Members are encouraged to post new pictures and designs as well as discuss current events, politics and world news. A number of other groups and individual fans also use the site to share information and to advertise their own products and services.

The official StarClan Cats website also contains many exclusive articles that can be downloaded free of charge. These articles focus on topics such as the history of cats in Star Trek and the relationships that exist between characters, planets and species. Other information provided includes information on the different breeds of cats, as well as helpful hints and tips on collecting the most sought after StarClan cats for collectors. Some of these articles provide interesting facts about the StarClan Cats toys and other merchandise offered by Hasbro.

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