Grooming a Long Haired Cat

A long haired cat is usually a purebred domestic long haired cat of mixed genetics meaning not belonging to any single recognized cat breed. Domestic cats can be of different breeds like the British Shorthair, Persian or Tabby, each having their own unique traits. Domestic cats have evolved from a number of ancient breeds and are distinctively different from other breeds of domesticated animals. The word domestic originates from the Latin term meaning ‘on a private property’.

It is possible to care for a long haired cat in a similar way to that of a long haired dog and although the grooming regimen is somewhat more different, you should still follow some basic principles of cat care. In order to keep your cat healthy and happy, it is essential to give him a regular dose of flea and tick prevention medication. To keep the coat tangle free, a weekly combing is necessary to remove loose fur, this is best carried out by hand but using a firm hair brush can really help to regain the tails of your felines.

The most important tip for a long haired cat owner is to keep his fur as tangle free as possible. Regular brushing with a firm hair brush will help eliminate the dead hair and at the same time prevent matted hair from forming. The long haired coat can get hung up on the combing rods which can cause damage. Some cat owners use a comb with soft bristles as this helps to untangle the hair without the risk of injury to the cat.

A regular round of combing with a comb with soft bristles is also very helpful. It is advisable to use a wide toothed comb as opposed to the fine tooth comb as the former does not dig into the scalp as much as the latter. For long haired cats with particularly bad shedding it may be necessary to seek out advice from a veterinary surgeon or an experienced cat groomer as the latter may well have the necessary equipment to undertake the task successfully. The grooming session must be carried out at regular intervals. This tip for grooming a long haired cat works best when carried out before sleeping to remove the tangles.

Long haired cats are prone to heatstroke, so it is best to allow them access to an air conditioned environment when heating is not necessary. Many domestic longhair cat breeds can tolerate a fairly cool environment provided they are kept in this comfortable condition for the required amount of time. Examine your cat’s bowl regularly to monitor their body temperature. If you notice that it has increased during the warmer periods, it is advisable to offer them some water to drink to bring their temperature down. You should never leave a long haired cat outside during extremely cold temperatures.

If you have one or more long haired cats, it is important that they get regular baths and brushing. The fur on a cat’s body is highly sensitive and often easily irritated, if not thoroughly groomed. The hair in the undercoat is especially slippery and will slide easily into the paws if not washed regularly. It is important that you give your long haired cats a brush at least once every week. Regular bathing also removes dead skin cells, which tend to stick to the fur and can become matted and tangled.

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