How Do I Find A Cat Rescue?

If you are in need of a cat, it may be possible for you to find a cat at a local animal rescue shelter. In the United States, there are over 400 animal rescues that are able to give animals a second chance at a good life. Each year, these animal rescues take in over 5000 cats and kittens. These animals are brought to these shelters by their owners who are unable to care for them any longer. The main reason these animals end up at an animal rescue shelter is because their owners were unable to provide the necessary health care, nutrition, and shelter that they need on a daily basis.

There are also animal rescue groups or cat rescue organizations around the world who take in animals that have been mistreated, abandoned, or suffering from another illness or disease. These abandoned or rescued cats and kittens are typically victims of animal abuse, neglect, or a contagious disease that has spread among the animals. Anybody with cats that are homeless can contact a local animal rescue group in their area to inquire about the availability of a cat. Most animal rescue groups will require proof that the cat or kittens are adoptable before they will approve any request for adoption.

It is important to note that not all cat rescue groups are in existence to help rehabilitate homeless cats. Some rescue groups simply take in unaltered big cats that no longer are capable of reproducing. These unaltered cats are often given a new name and are placed in foster homes until a foster family is found that is willing to care for the new pet.

Petco Ues is one of the more prominent national cat rescue organizations. The Petco Ues website states that they have helped save the lives of over 1300 cats since they were founded in 1978. The primary focus of the organization is to spay or neuter cats in the community that are too unadoptable. The Petco Ues website states that they do not allow pets to be adopted from the facility if they are unplanned pregnancies. They also do not accept pets that have been exposed to chemical treatments as well as those that have had their eyes removed.

The goal of the organization is to bring these unwanted cats up to date on reproductive health so that they can become viable candidates for adoption into new families. If you are considering getting a pet after your cat has served its purpose for the Petco company, consider a rescue. You may find it more cost effective to keep your cat forever rather than adopting it out. In many cases the cost of spaying or neutering a cat will be less than the cost of a long term commitment to care for an unplanned pregnancy.

You may also want to consider donating your cat to a shelter or humane society. Many cities and towns have some sort of animal shelter. Donating your cat to these places can help us save more un-neutered cats and help keep the pets out of the wrong hands. Many times people who adopt cats from the shelters will not allow it to be re-sold. They are generally loving and adoptable pets.

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