How Long Do Cats Live?

The answer to the question, how long do cats live, has various answers. As with most scientific investigations, the answer varies depending on who you ask. The cat is an obligate carnivore, which means it must eat its prey (usually mice, rats or other small animals). Cats range widely in size and are sometimes referred to as large felines, even though they are only slightly larger than a regular house cat. It is the only true domestic animal in the feline family and is known as the domestic cat for the simple reason that it is responsible for the rearing of its kittens and young cats in captivity.

Depending on how long a cat lives, it can depend on how long it takes to grow to adulthood. Although most felines live for around three to five years on the average, there are those that live considerably longer. The lifespan of humans is also dependent on how long it takes to grow old. For example, a human being that reaches the age of forty usually lives for about seven to ten years on the average. On the other hand, if a human were to add twenty years to his or her life span, it would be safe to assume that the average human could live around seventy years on the average.

As far as how long do cats live, it depends on many factors. One such factor is how much attention a cat gets. If a cat is neglected, it will be very short lived and may not live past a few years at all. Another factor is that of kidney disease. Cats that are exposed to road traffic accidents are particularly at risk of kidney disease and may not live past a year or so. In fact, most road traffic accidents will kill a cat in a few short weeks.

How long do cats live is also determined by how much attention they get from their owners? When we talk about a well cared for cat, he or she is likely to live several years on the average. That being said, most owners do not give their cats any special care and as a result, the lifespan of a cat can be significantly shortened. One reason why owners neglect their cats is because they are busy working and do not have time to spend with their pets. Another reason is because cats are highly territorial and prefer to be alone rather than be with many people. They like to be alone, to be in their natural habitat, so owners have to give them enough space to do that.

There is also a question of nutrition versus outdoor cats. Nutrition is an important consideration because some diseases are more common in outdoor cats and as a result, veterinarians tend to recommend more canned food for outdoor cats versus kibble that are for indoor pets. Feral cats also receive more care because they do not have homes and are often less likely to find a veterinarian when they are sick. You should know how long you are caring for a cat before you decide whether or not it needs a vet visit, because it could be several days or a few weeks down the road. It is important to pay attention to the overall health of your pet to make sure it stays a healthy and long lived companion.

Now that you know how long does a cat life expectancy extend, you can make an informed decision about how much you will allow your cat to roam around and play. Cats are very active, independent creatures. If you can provide a safe haven for it to live in then it will enjoy the company of its owners for a very long time.

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