How to Find Safe Cat Treats

Safe cat treats have always been a problem for cat owners, especially when they are trying to get their cats to eat them. For years, I have heard about cats eating things like Styrofoam and other such things that are not only unsafe for your cat but also very unhealthy. My own cats were never fond of these, so I would buy a variety of different foods to put in their dish water. You could even go as far as offering them plain leafy green veggies like celery. However, the thing with safe cat treats is that they have to be completely natural and not prepared with anything artificial at all.

A good example of safe cat treats is the chicken pieces that you can find at most health food stores. These are often moistened by cheese or broth and even contain protein, which your cat will love. The problem with most of these is that they are pre-made and so you are buying food that is full of preservatives and other unnatural ingredients, which are not only unhealthy, but can actually be harmful to your cat in the long run.

The best kind of cat treats are the ones that come straight from the freezer and that have no additives of any kind. The perfect example of this are the raw foods diet that you can find at most holistic medicine websites. This type of treat has everything that your cat needs, including vitamins and minerals, all organic meat that is not treated with hormones or artificial substances, and even vegetables that are fresh and haven’t been cooked. This is truly the safest and healthiest way to feed your cat.

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