How to Use a Cat Drawing Board to Teach Your Cat

Teaching your cat to draw on a whiteboard will help develop a better sense of communication between you and your cat. Not only will he be more comfortable expressing himself, but you will also have a clearer idea of what is going on in his head. If your cat can see what’s going on, then he can learn to control his behavior, too. It may sound odd, but by paying attention to your cat’s communication skills, you can learn how to teach him to express himself better on a whiteboard. It may even save you some money when you bring him home from the vet.

One way to do this is by drawing something on your whiteboard and having your cat follow your lead. Try turning the board either side to see if he follows. Also, you can draw something and have him point at it. If he gets it right away, that means he has noticed your drawing and wants to follow you.

To keep him interested and on task, use short, positive sentences. Cats are known for their speed and they learn quickly by getting a repetitive task down. So, use drawings, cut-outs, popsicle stick holders or any other item you can find to help your cat with his drawing. Your cat will love using a whiteboard and you will enjoy teaching him the art of drawing.

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