Information on a World Class Siberian Cat

The mysterious Siberian cat has a terrible reputation as being an elusive breed that requires much care to own. Yet the reality is that the Siberian cat is a very lovable, gentle, well-suited pet that’s well-suited to a variety of living situations. It’s not aloof, but is often quite stand offish with strangers. And like many long haired breeds, it possesses a wonderful affection for children and other pets.

Like most purebreds, the colorpoint Siberian cats have a range of solid and mixed color variants. Mixed colors can include black, brown, blue, apricot, chocolate and even fawn. Solid color variants are usually black, tan or gray with white tip. Some purebreds have solid color points in addition to the mixed ones. These can include orange, red, pinkish, yellow, green, blue and sometimes white.

Because these cats come in such a wide variety of colors, one of the most distinctive visual differences is the coat. There is some dispute about whether the modern Siberian breeds were derived from a Russian clan or breed in Europe. Whatever the source, the modern cats look somewhat related to the Egyptian cats of the Middle Ages. However, the modern Siberian cats look more like their North American relatives.

One clear characteristic of all modern Siberian cats is their long, flowing coats. Many times these coats are curly, and other times they are straight. Cute felines enjoy having their coats curly, silky and shiny. Even though they don’t always require clipping, a well cared for Siberian cat will have long luxurious hair that requires no cutting. Some can even be hand groomed to look like mane.

Many Siberian cats are considered playful by nature, especially when they are pups. They tend to get along better with people who are very affectionate towards them and accept the adorable playful behavior. However, it is important to note that most cats that are considered playful are not necessarily healthy cats. The long hair, the high energy and the occasional burst of affection can lead to serious health problems.

Although many people think of Siberian cats as creatures from the cold wastes of reindeer farms, these animals actually enjoy living in today’s modern world. They enjoy having their homes in gardens, backyards, apartments and cottages. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States, England or Russia. A Siberian cat is as warm and loving as any other cat and can provide a great cat family for years to come.

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