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Information Regarding the Black Cat

A black cat is an exotic pet with black fur who can be either a specific breed, a solid black cat, or an uncommon domestic cat of some common breed. The Cat Fanciers’ Association classifies 22 different cat breeds which can come in solid black coats with various tabulations, markings, or patterns. The Black Persian breed is exclusively black in color. The American Short-haired cat (Armani) comes in various colors and patterns, including black and white. The American Bobcat is said to have originated from Burma and is now found on several islands off the east coast of Asia.

The Bobcat has short, brush-like hair, and usually has a single black hair ball per collar. This small black ball on top of its head is called a “squeak”, and the cat’s head will shake with excitement when a member of the family approaches. Sometimes a black cat will hold the head upward, like a puppy, and may purr, shakes, or meow when excited or wanting attention. Sometimes the black color of their fur signals a healthy cat over six months old, and sometimes it is just black.

In general, black cats are healthier and happier than other colors of cats. The black fur acts as insulation, helping to keep the body cool in the winter and warm in the summer. While the black color of a Bobcat’s coat does shed more than other colors of fur, black coat amounts are similar to those in other breeds.

The black cat’s hair is shiny, rather than fluffy like the long, silky, mane of a Bengal or a Bobcat. The hair is short and fine and stops at the ears, unlike long, flowing coats of Bobcats and Bengal cats which grow all over the animal’s body. A black cat’s undercoat can be anywhere from two to three times the length of the cat’s total fur, with black cats being most likely to have long, silky undercoats. In fact, the female Bobcat and male Bengal look so very similar that when groomed, the black spots on the back of the Bengal appear to resemble those of the Bobcat’s undercoat.

Black cats are considered to be less destructive to homes than other felines, although they tend to be less affectionate than their lighter counterparts. They don’t require as much space and tend to get along better with their human companions. They have friendly personalities and are usually good family members. Although black cats have somewhat limited appeal in the pet world because of their dark, coarse hair, the popularity of this exotic cat has increased immensely in recent years, and they are now enjoying a wide variety of pets, including cats and dogs.

The Bobcat is said to have been domesticated in England in the 18th Century. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the god of death named Osiris had a black cat as one of his loyal pets. In Roman mythology, Belinda, the goddess of death, is also said to have a black and brown cat. In Indian mythology, Kali was the mother of dragons, and the black color of her skin was associated with mourning. The symbolism connected with the black cat holds a special place for many people. Whether you choose a silver or golden cat, the color will be appreciated throughout the year and will remain a sign of elegance and power.

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