Is Shih Tzu a Good Cat Or Only Good With Small Dogs?

Most people are surprised to find out that small dogs can be good with cats. In fact, many breeders and experts say that small dogs are better than large dogs with regard to dealing with cats. If you own a small dog and plan on keeping it indoors all the time, then there is no reason for you to worry. Even indoor dogs like Maltese can be good with cats. This is because they tend to be very gentle and affectionate.

One of the reasons why small animals do not tend to be aggressive towards cats is because these animals are low shedding. This means that they do not make dandruff like high shedding dogs do. Also, cats tend to disregard small animals and do not look down on them or display any sort of aggression towards them. Another reason why these small dogs are better than large breeds is that they do not excrete as much as large animals do. This means that their urine is lower in volume and usually has a milder odor.

Small dogs are good with cats, mainly because they have a gentle nature. Some studies have shown that cats actually prefer small dogs over larger ones because of this reason. These small pets are very cuddly and loving and this is a big factor why many cat owners choose to keep them at home. Even if your dog has very strong teeth, they can scare off smaller creatures because of their teeth grinding tendency. However, this habit can also be very dangerous to small kittens and cats so you should take care not to let your dog get her pups attached to its teeth or it might seriously hurt the kitten.

There is another reason why many people prefer to keep small dogs good with cats and this is because these dogs tend to have a longer life span than the average breed of cat. These animals tend to have high intelligence levels and are very playful even in their young age. They tend to follow their masters around like a small child and are also very affectionate. Although being such a playful breed of dog, the Japanese Chin has been known to suffer from several diseases. The most common disease found in this breed is fever, which can cause a loss of appetite leading to severe dehydration and even death.

Although the Japanese Chin has some type of disease and this makes them a very unhealthy breed of dog, there are still some health issues which can affect this breed of dog. One problem which affects these dogs is allergies. Many cat owners who have grown up with these dogs might find it difficult to get along well with adult cats who are allergic to their own breeds. These small dogs also get along well with other small breeds but when it comes to adult cats, they tend to be picky.

If you are going to bring a Japanese or Shih Tzu into your household, you should know that you will need to make sure that the cat will not be the only pet in your house. This breed of dog needs a lot of attention especially from its owner. Make sure that you will not let other pets in the house since these dogs can become territorial once they feel that other pets exist in the house. Make sure that you are aware of the fact that there are some Shih Tzu breeders who sell their puppies for higher prices compared to the others, so be careful during the purchasing process.

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