Is the Word “Fattening” Lazy or Fat?

Fat cat is a rather political term originally referring to a rich female political donor, sometimes called a princess or a fat Jordanite woman. In times past the term “fat” referred only to fat people. The current usage suggests that being fat is more than just skin deep. In actuality it also has to do with one’s health and their ability to contribute to society.

It’s amazing how quickly stereotypes can be established in our minds. The fat cat may not have been a legitimate political affiliation but they sure did donate millions of dollars to the Democrats over the years. Of course all fat cats are Democrats but do we really want a representative of the party that wants to reduce the weight of every American? The question is whether the current debate over obesity and health care is simply an attempt to define or redefine the word “fat” so that it no longer has political connotations and becomes something else.

There are a few definitions of what exactly constitutes “obese” but, more specifically, there is the definition of an obese individual. Most likely, any definition of an obese individual would include those who are considered overweight by most health and medical standards. The word “obese” is used quite loosely in today’s society and this has caused some problems as well as giving rise to certain stereotypes. It is possible that in a completely different time and place the term “obese” would have a different meaning. The word obese is used as a general term to describe individuals who are overweight. They are considered to be beyond healthy in most cases and therefore are prohibited from holding certain public offices.

Not only does the term “fat-cat” give the perception of a greedy rich individual but it also is often used to describe members of an organization. A large national franchisee association is often labeled with the term “fat-cat” in order to separate those who are really committed to their franchisees from those who merely wish to make money. Even within the industry of fast food restaurants the term “fat-cat” is often used. The owner’s view of what a fat cat is likely to be a dirty eater who eats whatever they want and puts unhealthy ingredients in her food.

On the other hand, many people who are genuinely concerned about their bodies often use the term “obese” to describe themselves. They believe that being fat makes them lazy, causes them to become grumpy, or leaves them with a bad attitude. Some people believe that fat cats are dangerous because they cause strokes and heart attacks. There are even websites on the internet that offer a bounty for the return of fat cats and promise to pay a hefty price for one.

In recent years, due to a popular show on TV, the public has become more educated on what a fat cat actually is and what it does to their bodies. People now understand that the term “fat-cat” is an ugly word used by some who only wish to profit from other people’s misfortune. It is unfortunate that those who wish to use the word “fattening” to describe someone else’s misfortune to have forgotten that the fattening of the rich and famous is also a problem within our society. Hopefully, the word “fat-cat” will begin to change to something more positive.

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