Jerks to Dogs – Canine Meanings

Can you relate to how I feel when I found out that cats are jerks to dogs? I can’t! It’s not because I don’t like dogs, I love dogs. I just think there are cat people. So if your cat doesn’t like to be petted while sleeping, and you’re an outdoors type or a couch potato type of person, then it’s probably because your cat is a jerk to dogs.

How do cats get on your nerves? Well, they are opinionated animals who have different views. If you are thinking of getting a cat as a house pet, then you should know that different types of opinions are just another cat attitude. Different types of animals upload time published views to their Facebook pages. It might be cute cats who like to show off their own fancy moves, but other animals have less nice ways of showing their non-cat friends how they really feel.

For example, many cute cats from the North American continent like to upload time published pictures of themselves at various events. This may include taking part in different dog rescues, or simply showing off at photo contests held annually. It doesn’t matter what type of cat you’re talking about. Cute cats all upload time published pictures of themselves doing cute things to dogs. And some of those pictures may have happened years ago, or even months ago. What’s more important is how these cats seem to view and treat their human companions.

Many people believe cats are jerks to dogs, simply because they don’t want to be petted. Some have even resorted to physically removing themselves from the situation, which would obviously make them appear mean-spirited. Well, you can’t prove that cats are jerks to dogs if they’re not doing it with their own dogs, which may be a bit of overkill, given that a cat will also bite if threatened, but not as much as a dog. You can, however, prove that cats are jerks to humans, simply by knowing why they behave this way.

Most of us understand that cats hate attention. When they’re not being petted or approached, cats generally growl or snap at anyone who tries to touch them, especially when that someone is a stranger. When a strange person walks up to a cat, especially one you know nothing about, and touches them without their prior notice, cats will most likely snap or growl, as a warning. If the cat is a house cat, and is scared of another cat approaching, the sudden eruption of anger could possibly be a defense mechanism.

So, we know that cats are jerks to dogs, but that doesn’t mean that other dogs aren’t jerks to cats. After all, cats are just as likely to snap as dogs, especially if they’re introduced to each other early on in their relationship. All you have to do to prove this to yourself is to begin walking towards a strange cat, and suddenly turn around to look at it. You’ll notice that it goes back to ignoring you, but only this time it won’t be quite so friendly. The key here is that you’re not being hostile; you’re merely confirming to the cat that you’re there, and that it’s okay to be here.

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