Lemongrass Repels Fleas and Other Parasites

Are you interested to know how lemongrass repels fleas? Many people, who are allergic to certain animal hair, do not know this. It is a fact that some animals can make the skin itch and become itchy. However, they will not leave any marks on human skin with their saliva, but they can cause allergies and irritation. Lemongrass for pets is a natural product which repels fleas and other insects such as ticks and moths.

Fleas will feed on almost any kind of food and you should keep your pet clean all the time. However, when the fleas get stuck in your dog’s hair, you cannot reach it with a flea comb. You can, however use a lemongrass tea which is repelled the fleas as well as their eggs. They will also find it very difficult to live in the lemongrass oil. Therefore, your dog will feel more comfortable and will lead a healthy life.

There are many herbal medicines which are repels fleas and you should consider using them for your pet. However, before taking any medicine for this purpose, you should first consult a qualified physician. A qualified physician can help you decide on the best medicine that suits your pet. You can also find several products in the market containing lemongrass.

Some people have also used the essential oils of lemongrass for treating skin disorders. The best part about using the oil is that it is available at home. However, if you wish to treat your pet in a more effective manner, then you can purchase lemongrass oil, which is easily available in the market. You should also take care that you dilute the lemongrass oil properly.

Lemongrass is a highly reputed herb. Its oil has insect repellent and antiseptic qualities which make it highly efficient as a flea repellent. Moreover, it is an excellent moisturizer. The insects which are repelled by lemongrass repel fleas naturally and you can also use it for keeping your dog or cat fresh and dry.

You must note that when you are giving lemongrass oil to your pet, you should follow the dosage specified on the bottle. It is quite possible that the amount of lemongrass which is given will be more than what is required. This excess lemongrass may cause irritation to your animal. If this happens, your animal may become unwell. To avoid this complication, you should consult your veterinarian before administering any dose of lemongrass oil. You should follow the dosage specified on the label for the duration of time prescribed by the doctor.

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