Looking For Cat Breeds In India

If you have been looking out for cat breeds in India, you must have surely come across the felines like Persian cats and North American Foxes. Besides these, there are many other types like Peruvian Malays, Abyssinians, Burmese, British Shorthairs, Abyssinian kittens, Himalayan Cat etc. To name a few of them, there are still more that are waiting to be discovered. There is also a big difference between Siamese cats and American Bulldogs. Therefore, before choosing any particular cat breed in India, one has to make sure that it fits in to the lifestyle and demands of the owner.

The most popular cat breeds in India are those of the Egyptian, Persian, Domestic and the Domestic Shorthair breeds. The first three breeds belong to the ancient cat family. The domestic cat is much smaller than its Persian counterpart and has a very friendly personality. It is intelligent and is known to be somewhat cold hearted.

The Egyptians are well known for their intelligence, curiosity and keen senses. They can prove to be great pets as long as they are trained well. The domestic cat breeds in India are said to be less intelligent than their Persian counterparts. They are affectionate but not intelligent. The Burmese are smaller than the British Shorthairs and have a very nice personality.

The domestic cats from India have different personalities. This may be due to the different gene pools from which each cat is drawn. The Himalayas are said to be quiet and gentle cats with blue eyes and a short coat. However, they have somewhat strange habits such as scratching walls. The Siamese is the most intelligent breed of cat breeds in India and the Burmese is somewhere in between.

There is no doubt about the intelligence of the Siamese but they can get along with other cats very well. The British Blue is another very intelligent cat breed that has a very good temperament. They are alert, playful and easy to train.

If you want to look for cat breeds in India then visit any major city and you will find a number of them. They breed naturally to maintain their delicate qualities. So they do not need extensive care. When choosing a cat breed in India, select one according to its age, temperament and coat type. You can also go for a specific color or add a white tail to the yellow body to make it more adorable.

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