Popularity Behind the Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is a unique animal, and has been in existence for over a thousand years. They are a lovely breed and were originally bred in Maine, USA. They have beautiful silver fur, but since they do not produce any natural predators, they do not shed. They should not be confused with the domestic cat, Fido, who tends to be more excitable and destructive.

The Maine Coon Cat is an excellent companion, who will always give affection and please you in many ways. They are very intelligent and will learn new things easily, which makes them happy animals. Their wonderful, silky coat protects them against cold winters, and they love to play in the snow. They are quick and agile, with good balance, and a gently strong disposition. Their coats come in several colors:

Many Maine Coon Cats are bred to be the official state cat, by the Maine Association of Pet Register. In order to achieve this classification, the cat must fulfill certain criteria, including having a double-coat, long and silky hair, and cold hardy. Although the CFA does not require breed standards, they do recommend that the cats meet a few of the breed standard requirements: they should be housebroken on a daily basis, have developed a firm, confident, stable attitude, have a firm, non-absorbent personality, and meet the Breed Standard for the type of work it is expected to do. In order to achieve this classification, the CFA requires a minimum of ten litters for each litter, at least five each year, with at least three kittens born annually.

The body shape of the Maine Coon Cat is quite distinctive. Their long, sleek coat gives them an excellent silhouette, and their almond-shaped head and body suitably fit their long, slender body type. Males reach close to a full head height, with narrow pointed ears and whisker pads. The female’s coat is all one color, with silky undercoat. Males also have slightly rounded tails.

The Maine Coon Cats is almost as popular today as they were in centuries past. It has been said that these cats were almost wiped out in the 1800s because of over trapping. Today, Maine Coon cats can be found in dozens of cities, as well as small rural communities all over the state. These cats are well known as loving pets, but also as great family pets and house pets. Some Maine Coon cats even have the option to be used for hunting, as their catching skills are good.

The Maine Coon Cats is truly a prized pet and a favorite amongst cat fanciers and cat lovers everywhere. Their popularity is attributed not only to their looks but also their friendly, gentle nature, their long, sleek, dense coats and their non-shedding character. They have become the favorite of many a famous celebrity and political figure, as well as various other dignitaries and important people in the United States and around the world.

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