ragdoll Cat Breeds – What To Look For When Choosing a Ragdoll Cat Breed

ragdoll cats definitely do love Ragdoll. Getting to know your new kittens means learning about the unique personalities of their breed and their individual quirks. To start, here are a few of my favorite ragdoll cat facts! Some Fun Ragdoll Cat Tips!

All ragdoll cat breeds are basically mutts. The fact that they are primarily domestic dogs is what sets them apart. Domestic dogs have been bred for centuries to be friendly, predictable and affectionate. As domestic dogs are generally bred to be obedient and calm, ragdoll cat breeds are bred specifically to be a handful and exhibit these traits to the best of their abilities.

One important thing to note when choosing a ragdoll cat breed is that all of them have beautiful natural coats. This is an advantage because all of them should look good and are able to get along with one another. It is really important for prospective owners to learn as much as they can about each type of coat and the different ways that each breed has a beautiful coat and can groom.

All ragdoll cats are outgoing and high energy creatures. If you plan to have one of these energetic cats as a pet then it would be wise to go with the breed that goes pretty easy to high energy. This will keep your little fur ball calmer and less likely to get into mischief. These little fur ball cats love to play and have fun and if they are not neutered and/or spayed, they can go on to go on wild hair-waves for quite some time.

Another important factor to consider when looking at ragdoll cats is that if you choose a male kitten over a female kitten, the results can be devastating. The reason being is that a male kitten is prone to develop a “surge” reflex, which means he will “go limp”. Although this can be corrected surgically, many people feel that this is best avoided by adopting neutered cats. Therefore, if you are planning on keeping a male kitten, then I highly recommend that you choose the breed that goes the “easy” route, a female cat. Females are usually more affectionate and gentle, making them better pets.

Ragdoll cat breeds are wonderful companions. They are loving and loyal and are not picky in their affectionate behaviour. They are a medium size breed that can be kept throughout its life span. They have a long happy life ahead of them and are not picky about who they end up with.

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