The Vibrant Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat is a very beautiful cat breed, whose distinct features have made it hugely popular in recent years. They are predominantly known for their elegance and love of man, however other attractive attributes include their sleek muscular physique, long coat and affectionate nature. The Russian Blue cat is also noted for being a highly intelligent cat, with an innate curiosity that makes them extremely happy companions. They are also very protective of family members and will often attempt to protect the family from situations where danger might present itself.

The Russian Blue cat originated in Archangel, in what is now Saint Petersburg in Russia. Their history is shrouded in mystery, but it is generally accepted that they were introduced to Archangel by sailors who were looking for a new kind of food. This was the first food ever prepared on the deck of a ship, and when it was discovered that the taste of the fish was preferable to the taste of salt, the sailors abandoned it behind, taking only the shell. In time, when sailors developed a strong craving for the delicious fish, they began to bring it back on land. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, when trade relations with Germany and France were opening up, and when France and Germany became bitter enemies, the sailors could no longer stomach the thought of eating German salt, and so they adopted the Russian Blue as a substitute.

The beautiful, elegant Russian Blues were then taken to Germany, where they were welcomed with open arms, and soon they became a favorite pet among Germans. When World War I broke out, many of them fell sick and some even died, but by the end of the war, the Russian blues had become extremely strong, sturdy creatures, completely immune to illness. After the war was over, they gradually disappeared, and while their popularity has slightly waned slightly, they are still a sought after pet. Today, Russian blues remain an exquisite addition to any family’s collection.

All blue cats are coated in a variety of patterns and colors. Most Russian blues have a white belly and grayish black hair. Some are double toned and have dark colored heads and white chests and faces. These cats generally lack a lot of, but they have a ruff of hair around the face that is quite lovely. They also have a white belly, black ears, and a long, flowing coat.

A wonderful thing about the Russian blue breed is its ability to live outdoors all year around. Many breeds only live in the winter months. The Nyan Cat is the only cat of its kind that can do this. In fact, in Japan, they are called the Snow Cats, because they are able to survive cold temperatures by hibernating indoors during the day, then spending the night outside in the hot sun. So, even though they cannot live in the wild, they can be quite comfortable in your home if you have a heating and cooling system.

Like many other breeds, the Russian Blue Cat has a short, solid coat that comes in a variety of colors. Their coats tend to be flat, and smooth, with some being almost wavy or curly. However, their coats can vary in terms of their lustrous sheen, with some being duller than others, and one particularly shiny coat being very striking. The Russian Blue Cat is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a cat to play and interact with, as well as a pet. Its playful nature, sleek, silky texture, and beautiful coloration make it one of the most desirable of all breeds.

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