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Things to Look for When Choosing Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Cat toys are essential to your cat’s health and happiness. After all, felines are natural born inquisitive, if only they were trapped inside a small, fuzzy body! Felines get their hunting instinct fulfilled in as much inside their own houses as outdoors. That means a bored cat with nothing to do will soon nibble on any available object within its range – and that pretty much covers the whole house.

This incessant need to hunt for food is the prime reason why new cat owners must often invest in some good cat toys. Not only will it provide the much-needed entertainment to keep your kitty engaged in your house, but also it is a great way for you to keep him away from things he might consider a snack. Felines like to spend time exploring their surroundings, which means having a variety of different toys for them to choose from is the best way to do this.

Cat toys come in various styles and designs, but the most common ones are made from materials such as nylon or soft cloth, and have several parts to them, such as a rotating handle, usually on one side. The basic idea behind these toys is for your cat to have fun trying to run up and down the ladder to reach the treats placed in the center. They are commonly made with pieces of yarn or fabric sewn together, in order to create a “tension-sensitive” feeling, making your cat want to run after the toy. Some even have bells or other types of sounds, and other colors for your cat to look at.

The problem is that many cat toys leave your pet wanting for more, so how do you tell which ones will be a success? First, look for a product with a good balance of size and weight. If you see one that’s too small, your cat will get bored very quickly, while one that’s too large could cause your pet to become injured. You should also look for a toy that is educational as well. For example, if your pet is bored by playing with the standard puzzle that you give them, maybe look for something a little more challenging, such as an interactive one that will teach them about other animals, shapes, and colors. A good trainer will know which cat toys will keep your pet interested for a long time.

The second thing you need to consider when shopping for cat toys for indoor cats is whether or not they provide a form of exercise. Remember that playing fetch requires many physical and mental components, including the coordination of your cat’s movements with yours, balancing on their back, and pouncing. While playing indoor cats don’t need as much exercise as they do hunting cats or those who live outdoors. But they still benefit from having a product to help them exercise. For those pets who chase, there are products available that simulate hunting activities for them, such as the Pouncing Buzz. For those pets who need a mental challenge, try looking for toys that combine physical action with mental stimulation, such as the Interactive Learning Cat toy.

Lastly, when shopping for cat toys it’s important to consider whether they are well made. If the toys fall apart easily or are very easily damaged, you should probably keep looking. Cheap plastic toys are notorious for breaking easily, while wooden wands are stronger and last longer. Some even come with built-in storage areas for extra treats and toys. And wands can be shaped in many different ways to encourage your pet to play with them in different configurations.

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