What Are the Best Cat Breeds?

If you’re thinking of getting a new cat that you’ll be able to take along with you, why not opt for an easily-managing, playful breed that’s known for living happily indoors instead, right? Set yourself up for great success, ya know? If you ask me, cats are actually born winners, in the true spirit of serve-the-fellow-cat-that-tains-your-hearted-gift-for-life, research the latest 15 best cat breeds. I’ll leave your choice up to you, though. I won’t tell you what they are, or where you can find information on them, or if they’re the best breed to get.

At the risk of sounding repetitive (like I always am), lets dive right into it: the first category of cat breeds I’d like to introduce you to are: the Abyssinian. They’ve been around since at least2019, so there’s no denying that they have a strong following. Abyssinians have a beautiful layered coat that is said to resemble the fur of an exotic ibis. The color of this beautiful cat is variable, but mostly it’s a rich golden brown with subtle hints of silver and fawn.

The second category I’d like to introduce you to are the Siamese. This breed was probably created when someone decided that giving Siamese a Siamese offspring was a good idea, as both cats share a lot of their physical traits. A Siamese has its origins in China, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of the modern day Siamese have Chinese blood in them. A Siamese is very active and inquisitive, so they require a large amount of human contact to keep them entertained. If you are not a very social kind of person, a sans-siamese may not be for you; however, if you want a cat that is extremely sociable and interactive, then a sans-siamese may be just for you.

The third category of cat is called the Persian. In addition to being very pretty to look at, a Persian is also known for their strength and aggression level. Pst are usually blue, although they can come in various colors such as black, silver, platinum, and red. Most Persian cats tend to be very protective of their territory and will often work extremely hard to protect their home. With a Persian, you’ll see either a tall, sturdy male or a female cat with either a short, flowing mane or tail, along with a long, silky coat.

The fourth and final category of cat breed I’d like to introduce you to are the mixed breeds. There are currently four types of mixed breed cats: Abyssins, Burmese, neutered mixtures, and non-neutered mixtures. Abyssinians and Burmese are the two most common mixed breeds. Abyssins are essentially Siamese that have been spayed or neutered, while Burmese are purebred Persian cats that were crossed with Burmese. neutered mixtures are basically kittens that were born with altered DNA from two parents. In other words, these kittens were born with altered traits and the breeder has had them neutered or spayed to make them healthier.

While there are many different types of cat and as mentioned above, none of them are the “best.” Each of these breeds is an excellent choice for someone who wants a very sociable cat, that is friendly and loves attention. However, when choosing which one is best suited for you, it is important to remember that each breed is a little different in their personalities and abilities. Therefore, finding the best match is entirely up to you and your own personality.

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