What Are the intermediate hosts of the Cat Fleas?

Cat fleas are a common problem for cats and are sometimes difficult to treat because their scientific name connotes both a cat and a bird. They are a member of the Scalacterium family, which is part of the larger Infrared Detectors and Gene Recorders family. The cat fleas belong to the Neisseria cat or the cat fleas. The scientific name of the cat fleas is Ctenocephalides felinis which has the common name of the domestic cat flea, Ctenocephalides caespitosa. Subspecies and species in the entire genus can be found infesting a wide range of host species, including dogs, wild cats, hares, wild carnivores, pigs and other reptiles.

The cat fleas do not only attack cats but also dogs, which are the main hosts of their life cycle. So, they often infest houses with pets and then the humans as well. The adult fleas live from three to ten days while the larvae and eggs reside longer. The young fleas have wings which do not fully develop thus making them easier to detect. The cat fleas come out at night and lay their eggs, which are visible on the underside of your pet’s fur or in its hair when the fleas mature.

In order to understand the cat fleas’ intermediate host, there are several factors that need to be considered. The first is that the intermediate host organism needs a warm blooded animal to be host to the eggs and larvae. Hence, felines and dogs and wild can be hosts, as previously stated. In the intermediate host the cat fleas feed on the host, until they fall off into the soil or are killed by environmental factors.

The intermediate host can be any animal such as dogs, cats, pigs, rodents, rabbits, avocados, grapes, nuts, corn and wheat. Although, the list given above is almost endless. The most common animals are dogs and cats. However, since there is no specific cat fleas’ intermediate host, the dog or cat fleas can infect the intermediate host with their bites. The intermediate host will then get infected by the cat fleas feeding on him/her.

The third factor that helps in cat flea infestations is the interaction of these parasites with the pets and humans. Since the cat fleas themselves do not survive very long, they hide to hide the fact that they exist and then attack another pet or human that comes into contact with them. This causes the cat fleas’ intermediate host to become very ill and then dies, only to be replaced by another new intermediate host (or flea problem). For instance, a person who has allergies to certain pets, like cats, will find that his/her skin becomes very itchy and has a rash. This rash may even grow into a full-blown allergy attack.

These are only some of the cat fleas’ intermediate hosts. Other pets that are commonly attacked by the cat fleas are dogs, cats and birds. When there is a complete loss of the pets, the cat fleas will also seek shelter at the pets’ carcasses. Hence, complete and effective cat flea treatments are essential for preventing Murine typhus and other diseases caused by cat fleas.

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