What Causes Cat Toes

What is a cat paw injury? It is when a cat gets injured on their paw. This usually happens as a result of some type of trauma that has caused them pain for whatever reason. Cats get hurt pretty bad all the time, but their paw injury is usually the end result.

Cat Paw Dentistry They have four toes and one dew Claw on both of the front paws. They also usually have 4 claws in both of the back feet. Their dewclaws are like an inside edge to their claws. It does not contact the ground at all though.

The outside of the toes can be somewhat soft, while the inside is stiff like a callus. Claw arthritis is really interesting. Some breeds of cat are prone to it, while most others do not show signs of it. It can be a genetic thing. Your cat may have a predisposition towards developing claw arthritis but just because he or she does not have it does not mean that they should not have it treated.

Caring For Your Cat Well, you could just give your cat a bath or groom. However, this can be very harsh on the skin. You could also take your cat to a vet and have them check the damage. I am sure that a vet will know about kneading. Kneading is a natural thing for cats to do, so it would make sense for them to want to do it on their front paws just like us.

Cat Paw Repair Surgery Cats use their paws for scratching. They do not necessarily need to rid themselves of the scratchy spot on the bottom of the foot. A cat just has too many uses for their claws. Many times they scratch a rough surface, dig in the dirt, or even claw furniture. The typical recommendation is that the spot is removed but this is not an option for a cat with arthritic paw problems.

The best solution for preventing damage to their feet is to preventative care. Preventative care consists of paying attention to changes in your cat’s weight and activity level. We often tend to over feed our cats which stimulates weight gain and increased activity level. Other times we neglect to clean the litter box and when this happens, excess moisture and urine can get stuck in the paws of our cats.

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