Why Are My Cats Ears Hot?

Why are my cats ears so hot? Is it related to how cold or warm they are outside? Are they more sensitive to changes in temperature? When a cat is very young they have sensitive ears. If you find that they are always running around sniffing, scratching and hissing when you try to pet them, then they are probably very sensitive to temperature changes.

If you ever notice your cat’s ears becoming very red and irritated, then the answer to the question of “Why are my cats ears so hot?” is most likely that they have been infected with a flea. Fleas attach themselves to the fur of your pet’s and live off of your blood for as long as they can. The bad news is that it can take up to two weeks before your pets are totally flea free.

Your vet might advise that you purchase some medicated cat shampoo to take care of this problem. Try not to use human shampoo because they usually contain ingredients that will irritate your cat’s skin. A great option for keeping your cat’s head nice and cool is to keep the temperature down at night. By keeping the temperature cooler you will not only help keep your cat’s ears nice and cool, but they will be less at risk of becoming infected with fleas.

Another reason why are my cat’s ears so hot? It could also be that they are missing some hair. This is especially common in male cats. If you notice that your male cat is bald, then he may be losing some hair at an unusual rate.

There is one more reason that your cat’s ears could be hot. This happens if your pets have ear mites. Ear mites can make your cat’s ears very itchy. In order to treat this problem, you will need to take your cat to the vet where he or she can apply medicine to the ears that has been infested with mites.

The ears are an important part of the body. They act as a heat producer for the animal. If your pet has too much hair, then he or she will always feel very cold. That will lead to an inability to protect themselves. If your cat’s ears are constantly itchy and his ears are constantly dirty, then he or she is not feeling well. This is the main reason why are my cats ears are always hot?

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