Why Do Cats Like Cardboard?

When it comes to understanding why do cats like cardboard, there are quite a few explanations. It could be as simple as that, or it could be as complex as that. However, the truth is that the most common explanation is that it is something natural for them to do, as the answer is so simple. Here is why do cats like cardboard – to make it a perfect hiding place.

Like mentioned above, it is largely due to a more instinctual behavior that they have developed over years. That is, this instinct to flee in small spaces has helped cats evade predators in their natural environment. This is so important because it gives cats a wide field of vision which allows them to see any animals lurking around them. It also allows them to avoid large predators like wolves and coyotes. As a result, they are very capable of hunting down small prey and they are capable of making quick kills too.

The fact that these instincts are programmed into us means that we can easily override them, at least in the case of paper and cardboard boxes. But cats cannot do that. For the most part, we need to look to outside factors for our protection.

Cats love the warmth of the sun, and this is one of the biggest reasons they like cardboard boxes. A cat needs a large amount of heat to stay warm. They do not want to spend the night shivering in a dark, cold, stuffy attic, no matter how cold it is outside. This is because they will not survive long enough to make it through the winter if they do not have any heat to warm themselves up. They need to be able to see what is going on around them at all times, so cardboard boxes are a great place for them to have a warm night out. In fact, there are actually many different kinds of cardboard boxes designed specifically for this purpose – one for each kind of cat.

In addition to being a perfect hiding place for cats, cardboard boxes are also wonderful because they are very easy to clean. All you need to do is throw it in the washing machine with just a little detergent, and a gentle cycle to remove any dust and loose dirt. This will also make your cardboard box look brand new again, while keeping it protected from any possible harm.

As mentioned before, the reasons why do cats like cardboard are quite basic. What is more important though is that you know this and know why you should do something about it if you want to keep your cat safe and happy. There is no better way to protect your cat than to make sure that they live and play safely in a nice comfortable environment.

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