Why is a Cat’s Coat So Important?

The reason that people do not understand why being a cat’s coat so important is because it is such a unique trait. In the wild, cats hunt and feed from their natural enemies, which would be other felines and some birds. In captivity, most cats are fed and live longer lives when cared for properly. But, most owners do not know how to care for their pet, so they let them run around the house as if they were free and easy prey. The coat becomes dull and matted and shedding increases dramatically with no proper brushing, which could mean a trip to the vet.

So, how is a cat’s coat so important? Well, a healthy coat protects the skin, which can also act as a sunscreen. When you brush your cat, you are removing the dead skin cells and dirt, which could potentially become a source of a secondary skin infection called an ingrown hair. This type of condition can cause painful sores and possibly death in extreme circumstances. So, brushing the coat routinely can keep the cat’s skin clear and free of infections.

Now, many people ask why is a cat’s coat so important, but they usually do not think that they even have to brush their own pets. The truth is, when you go out for a walk, you can brush your dog and get all of the dirt and grime off of him. You can use the brush that is designed for cats to clean your cat, because they are designed to be gentle on your cat’s coat and have a special pad inside that is designed for cats. So, even though people have always brushed their dogs and cats for their fur, they are often ignoring the little guys. But, they should start doing it today, so that their coats stay healthy and shiny.

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